Why Buying a Pre-Owned Luxury Car from Us is a Wise Route

If you dream of roaming the Beltway 8 in a luxury vehicle all your own, opting for used is a smart decision—particularly so with the help of Porsche of West Houston. Discover why perks like Sonic Price and Sonic selection are sure to enhance your route to a used luxury vehicle.


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4 Reasons Why the 2018 Porsche Macan is a Must-Have in Houston

The latest Porsche Macan, a compact luxury crossover, is more than just outward appearances (however stunning the hearty angles, heightened wheels and sport exhaust system may be). It aims to please with its power and technology, something that makes us at Porsche of West Houston highly recommend the Macan.

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Signs Your Car May Need a New Belt

If your vehicle's timing or serpentine belt go bad or slip off, it can result in the total loss of function in your vehicle. However, long before this occurs, there are signs you may notice while driving or starting your vehicle that it may be time to call Porsche of West Houston for belt service today.

Your vehicle may exhibit one or all of the following symptoms in the event one of your belts is beginning to go bad: A loss of power or acceleration, difficulty using the power steering, or a loud squealing or grinding sound upon starting…

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What Does Brake Fluid Do?

Most people know that your vehicle requires brake fluid to make your brakes work, but what exactly does brake fluid do? Luckily, we here at Porsche of West Houston are here to give you the rundown of the basics of brake fluid.

When you hit the brakes of your vehicle, compression occurs which moves fluid through your brake lines. Brake fluid can operate at very high temperatures and pressures, which is perfect for the environment created under the hood of a car.  

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