Porsche has just announced that the next version of the Porsche Macan will be fully electric, like the upcoming Porsche Taycan sedan.

The new electric Macan will be manufactured at the same Leipzig plant where the existing model is produced. Production of the full electric Macan is expected to begin after 2020, following the release of the new Taycan and Taycan Cross Turismo.

There aren't too many details available just yet, but the Macan electric SUV will offer 800-volt technology and is based on the Porsche's PPE (Premium Platform electric) architecture, which is part of a partnership with Audi AG. Porsche expects that half the Porsche lineup will feature electric drive systems by 2025.

While the new Macan won't be available here for a while, you can still pre-order the new electric Taycan or enjoy the current Porsche Macan here with us at your Porsche dealership in Houston. Keep in touch with the team and follow our blog to stay up to date on the latest Porsche news.

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