If your vehicle's timing or serpentine belt go bad or slip off, it can result in the total loss of function in your vehicle. However, long before this occurs, there are signs you may notice while driving or starting your vehicle that it may be time to call Porsche of West Houston for belt service today.

Your vehicle may exhibit one or all of the following symptoms in the event one of your belts is beginning to go bad: A loss of power or acceleration, difficulty using the power steering, or a loud squealing or grinding sound upon starting. Because your engine depends on these belts to transfer power around different parts of the motor, if you start to notice power lagging in any area, that is a sure sign you may be in need of a belt replacement.

There can certainly be other causes for a loss of power or difficult steering, but the only way to be sure if you notice any of these symptoms is to give our service team at Porsche of West Houston a call today.

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