Don't Forget About Your Headlights When Doing Maintenance

Many people may not think of their headlights when going down their maintenance checklist. But if you stop and think about it, headlights are one of the important safety features your vehicle has when you are driving at night. They allow you to get heightened visibility.

At some point during your car ownership, you may experience the fogging over of a headlight at one point or another. There are many polishes and other products that you can use to clean those off. Usually, though, the "fog" will return because it can get caused by sun damage. A wise thing to do once your headlights have gotten to that point is to bring your vehicle into us here at Porsche of West Houston and let us change them out with some OEM replacements.

Additionally, because headlight bulbs will naturally dim as they wear out over time, replacing these with a high definition LED bulb can drastically improve your driving experience at night, and lead to a much safer driving experience.

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