The Allure of Irresistible Horsepower

We have all heard the word horsepower being used to tell us just how powerful an engine is, but do we really know what it actually means or where it came from? The story of this term goes back to the 18th century when a Scottish inventor, mechanical engineer and chemist named James Watt wanted to tell people how powerful steam engines were.

During that time, the steam engine was pretty new and most of the work being done at this time was by using horses or ponies. Since the steam engine was capable of so much power, Watt wanted to figure out how to explain this power and happened to observe some horses hauling coal.

While observing the horses, Watt figured that one horsepower would be equal to one horse hauling 330 pounds of coal for one hundred feet in a sixty second period. To learn more about horsepower and what it means for your vehicle, come on over to Porsche of West Houston today.

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