Porsche Celebrates Production of One-Millionth Porsche 911 Model

This year marks another milestone for Porsche! Just recently, the automaker produced its one-millionth Porsche 911. Such a feat is a testament to the popularity of this sports car which has long held onto its title as the brand's quintessential mode of transportation for drivers who desire true exhilaration.


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The Porsche 911 made its debut 54 years ago, yet it has stayed true to its vision all this time. Delivering an unforgettable ride to its owners, it has been and continues to be a source of pride for many lucky owners. Its craftsmanship is so impressive, in fact, it has consistently made its way to the top rankings of the J.D. Power "Initial Quality Study." Not to mention, more than half of the automaker's 30 thousand race competitions have been victorious thanks to this model.

Simply put, the Porsche 911 is truly a sports car worth celebrating. So come and see what this sports car is all about and visit us today at Porsche of West Houston. Acquire one of your very own so you too can have the experience of a lifetime.

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